Call and text from a second number on your mobile phone

A second line, separate from your personal number, on your existing phone.

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The NumberBarn mobile app keeps you connected

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Access your NumberBarn numbers anywhere! Manage your calls, text and voicemail all while keeping your personal mobile number separate.

  • Place calls*
  • Send & receive text messages**
  • View & listen to voicemail

Simply select your NumberBarn number you want to use in the app. Recipients will see your NumberBarn phone number as caller ID.

*Outbound calling available with our call forwarding plans only. **Short code and MMS is not supported in all areas. SMS/MMS not available for toll free numbers.

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Port in your number or buy a new one
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Available for iOS and Android phones
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Call, send text and access voicemail

Manage calls & text for all your numbers

One app can manage all phone numbers in your NumberBarn account. Receive and reply to messages, view calls and reply with your NumberBarn number in the NumberBarn app.

Your personal mobile phone calls and messages are not integrated with your NumberBarn number(s) allowing you to easily manage them separately.

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call inbox view on the NumberBarn app

Unified inbox w/ filters

Get a "global" view into all your numbers with a unified inbox that displays a collective view of all calls and/or messages. Nicknames help you to quickly identify which number the call or message was delivered to, or use the filters to separate the inbox into an individual phone number view.

Push notifications

Be alerted to incoming text messages with push notifications on your mobile phone. When a message comes in, you'll be notified, even when the app isn't open. Respond in a timely manner and never miss a message.

push notification on the NumberBarn app
emojis in the NumberBarn app

Emojis and picture messaging (MMS)

Send, receive and enjoy pictures and emojis in your text messaging. We support all the latest and greatest emojis you regularly use on your mobile phone.

Additional account features

calling menu

Auto Attendant Menu

Add outgoing menu: Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support
select incoming caller id

Incoming Caller ID Select

Show the caller's number or your NumberBarn number
voicemail to email

Voicemail to Email

Turn on voicemail and send audio messages to email
call logs

Call & SMS Logs

Review & download call and SMS message details
call blocking

Call Blocking

Block incoming calls from specific phone numbers
toll free

Toll Free Numbers

We offer 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 toll-free numbers
sms text messages

International Forwarding

Forward calls to international numbers in over 20 included countries
number security

Number Security

The best security in the industry for your phone number
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Outbound calling & texting is always available on the web in your account control panel - no app needed!

NumberBarn Classic App

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The NumberBarn Classic app allows you to access your account info, manage messages and configure your number settings.

  • Access Account Settings

  • Buy & License Numbers

  • In-App Sign Up

  • Place calls from NumberBarn Numbers

  • Send & view text messages

This classic app is limited in it's messaging and calling capabilities. We recommend our main app for placing calls and using text messaging.

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