How call forwarding minutes are calculated

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Minute use on a Call Forwarding plan is calculated for the entire duration of your call, including the time it forwards to the outside number until the time you hang up that call.

With call forwarding, there is no handoff of the call once we connect it to your forwarding number.

We maintain control of the call for its duration so any minutes used are subtracted from your plan’s minutes.

If a call is 30 seconds, it will round up to the next minute.

Minutes are also used for outgoing calls using our dialer feature. They begin once you dial the outbound call.

Voicemail messages left by callers also count as minutes used. For example, a 35 second long voicemail will deduct one minute off of your plan.

If you exceed the time on the 300 minute Call Forwarding plan, you’ll pay $0.03/minute extra.

Because we like to be transparent, when it comes to unlimited minutes, take a peek at this snippet from our Terms of Service:

Some of NumberBarn’s plans and other Services are offered on an “unlimited minutes” or “unlimited SMS” basis. All unlimited plans:

  • Unlimited minutes are issued on a “single concurrent call basis”, meaning that in case of concurrent (simultaneous) calls only the first call will be unlimited and other concurrent calls will be assessed minutes.
  • Unlimited usage is monitored and reviewed at 2500 minutes for potential abuse or violation of these terms.

In addition, unusually high usage of the Services may impair NumberBarn’s ability to provide high quality Services to others and/or indicate unauthorized use of the Services, in which case NumberBarn may suspend or terminate Your Account or, upon prior notice, convert Your Account to a metered calling plan that charges significantly higher usage rates.

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