How do I know my number is porting away?

Your snazzy new number has activated on the Port Away plan or one of our other plans (TIP: you can port away on any plan).

With the Port Away Information for your phone number in hand, you reach out to your new provider to submit the request to their service.

But – how do you know when your number is actually porting away?

NumberBarn works with our carrier + your new carrier to ensure your port is completed within 3 to 10 business days.

Throughout the process, we’ll send email notifications to the account holder on file in your NumberBarn account with the status.

Check out the email notifications you can expect to receive along the way with your port out to a new provider:

Transfer Away Processing

Once NumberBarn receives your port/transfer request from your new provider and the request was approved, you’ll get this email with the subject line, Transfer Away Processing.

This means:

  • The port out is pending transfer to your new provider – it has not yet completed. This process takes up to 10 business days.
  • Do not delete your number from your NumberBarn account just yet.
  • If you want to know the scheduled porting date, contact your new provider.

Port Out Rejected

If you receive a Port Out Rejected email, it means that the information on your port request was incorrect.

On the port request, your information must match what is on file in the Port Away Information section of your account. If it doesn’t match, the port will be rejected.

This email will show you why it is rejected.

  • For example, “Required PIN is missing” means that your NumberBarn account PIN was not on the request.
  • Give the missing/corrected information to your new provider and ask them to add it to their request then resubmit to us for an approval.

Transfer Away

Now it’s time to celebrate!

When you see this email, it means:

  • Your phone number has ported to your new provider.
  • It has been removed from your NumberBarn account.
  • No more billing from us – you pay your new provider.

Missing notifications for your port out?

In some rare cases, we’re not notified via the carrier of a port out. This might result in not receiving the notifications above. If this is the case for you, please contact our customer support.

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