How long does it take to port my number?

Short answer: it takes 3-7 business days on average to port a number to or from NumberBarn.

NumberBarn’s numbers are classified as “wireline”. There is nothing NumberBarn can do to change this regulatory (FCC) classification. NumberBarn does not hold or otherwise prevent you from taking your number elsewhere.

You’re probably used to mobile numbers porting through within hours or even minutes. Wireline numbers have a bit more wires to connect, therefore they take a bit longer.

Things to know about the porting time frame:

Weekends and holidays do not count in porting.

If your provider submits a port request to NumberBarn on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the porting time frame begins on the next open business day.

If your port is rejected and resubmitted, the time frame starts over.

Of course, there are rare situations where resubmitting a new request will not cause any timing issues, but in most cases, we see the time frame begins with any new porting request.

It can take up to 3 business days for a request to arrive to NumberBarn from a mobile carrier.

If your provider sends us a request to port on Monday, we may not actually see it until Wednesday or Thursday.

Want to make sure you have a smooth port? Check out these resources:

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