How to communicate team projects in company meetings

There’s always laundry lists of backlogged items that need to get done and going over aaallll those items can get overwhelming real fast. During our weekly company meetings, we like to filter the list down to the things that truly impact the rest of the team.

Is there anything your company is releasing that’s going to impact customer service, or your clients, or the way that people interact with your product or service? What are you doing that impacts the rest of the team that they need to know about?

There’s always going to be smaller projects that don’t impact the way that the team works together, but what are those larger projects that do?

Once you’ve gone over your to-do list and made note of the items on there that impact your whole team, you’ll better understand how much the work you do matters and how the work of your teammates’ matters just as much.

So what can you do to start over-communicating your priorities as a team?

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn