How to Market Your Vanity Number

So, you’ve checked “get vanity business phone number” off of your to-do list. Congrats!

We recommend not purchasing marketing materials until your number order has completed to your account.

If you’re not familiar with the New Number Activation, check out this video below:

Now, how do you get your number out there?

We can’t guarantee that these ideas will work for your specific business, but we’ve heard many of our customers using their number in a variety of ways and we want to share what has worked for them. 


Subscribing your number to a directory could open the door for new clients. While NumberBarn does not subscribe your number to any directory service listings, you can apply to list your business in the White Pages, Yellow Pages or other business directories.

Business Cards

With so many inexpensive options available, business cards are a classic way to share your contact information with others. Your vanity number will stand out with each card you give.

Car Decals

Purchase a personalized sticker or magnet and place on your vehicle to promote your business. Just keep in mind that if you are leasing a vehicle or you plan to sell your vehicle in the near future, select an option that is easy to remove and will not scratch.


Who doesn’t want a new pen, stress ball or USB stick? Toss your business name and number in the mix and hand these babies out!


We’re all on the road, one way or another, and billboards are a great option to help draw eyes to your business. Work with a designer to ensure that your phone number is printed large enough for drivers to read.


Craft custom flyers with your vanity number and share with your clients or potential clients then promote by hanging at local businesses.


Your website is hands down one of the best places to have your phone number. If you’re using any time of SEO, potential clients can find you and reach out with questions. Make sure your phone number is apparent on your website, as many people will not spend too much time digging around for a contact.

Thank You Cards

If you’re the type of business that sends out thank you cards to your customers, consider adding your phone number to your cards. This helps to ensure your customers know they can reach out to you should they need help or want to refer a client.

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