How Ultimate Variety Radio keeps the jams playing using NumberBarn

Brad Anthony knew that he wanted to bring cheerful, positive music to the ears of listeners everywhere. So, he created his own station, Ultimate Variety Radio.

The station plays nothing but upbeat songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and through the late millennium.

Brad works a full time job during the week and funds the station out of his own pocket. Running the online radio station from his basement home studio, the show goes live every Saturday. Best part: you can send your song requests in advance by calling or texting the request line that Brad has here with NumberBarn.

At NumberBarn, we believe behind every phone number, there’s a beautiful idea, opportunity, person or totally rockin’ song at the other end.

Brad says, “I previously was using Skype to take my calls but my microphone on my computer kept cutting out on my callers. I tried everything in the book to fix the issue however, changing services to Number Barn has cleared the problem.”

With features like call forwarding and texting, it has opened the door for more requests to flow in.

“I think it’s great that the service offers several features. This way my callers can text me the song name and or artist named if they are afraid to call in.”

Here’s how Brad set up his service

Brad’s request line is on a Call Forwarding plan.

Music fans can text or call his number at anytime to request their favorite song.

When it comes time to go LIVE, he logs into his account and enables the call forwarding to his outside number, where he can answer calls and connect with his audience.

When the live show is over, he switches it right back to voicemail.

Have questions about how to set your number up like this? Just ask!

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