One phone number to reach everyone in your big family

Family of 5.

Everyone is always on their cell phone.

Grandpa and grandma never remember what number to call. And, your aunt still has a landline and a hand written phone book. She can’t keep up with all these numbers!

What if you had just one phone number to reach the whole family while still keeping lines separate?

With call forwarding, you can create an auto attendant menu to give your callers access to everyone in the family by just calling one dedicated number.

  • Calls will arrive to your number and your caller will hear a menu that sounds like this:
  • Your caller will press the option on the keypad to reach the family member of their choice.
  • That call is then connected to the cell phone of the family member.
  • If that family member does not answer, the call will be forwarded to their cell phone voicemail.

Sold on the simplicity of one number for your entire family?

Cool! Here’s what you’ll need to do to set this up:

  • Create an auto attendant menu. The video below will guide you through the steps on creating your auto attendant menu:

  • Create a custom recording with a script like:

“Thanks for calling My Family! For mama, press 1. For papa, press 2. For Charlie, press 3. For Bailee, press 4. For Jack, press 5.”

Now, when someone calls your main phone number, they will press the corresponding option during the menu recording to route directly to the individual’s cell phone number.

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