Receiving an “Oops” with your Outbound Call?

Are you trying to place an outbound call and receive this error message:

“Oops! This number belongs to your account. Please enter the number of a physical phone you can answer.”

This video will guide you through the steps on how to resolve this and successfully place your outbound call.

When placing an outbound call from your NumberBarn account using the Call Back mode, you’ll need to enter a phone number of the physical telephone you’ll be placing your call from.

If you don’t enter the physical phone number of the phone you’ll be placing your outbound call but rather enter your phone number with NumberBarn instead, the error will show up.

No reason to be confused! Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Pick up the physical phone you’d like to make your call from. Make note of this phone’s phone number.
  • In your NumberBarn account, select Dialer from the navigation bar.
  • Select the gear Settings icon to the left of the dialer.
  • Select Call Back Mode by clicking in the box. You’ll know it has been selected when it turns blue and a checkmark appears on the right.
  • Enter the phone number of the physical telephone that you’ll be making your call from.
  • Save your settings.


  • From the main Dialer screen, enter the phone number of the party you’d like to reach.
  • Select Call.
  • The system will call you first at the physical telephone number that you entered into the settings box.
  • When you answer, you’ll be connect to the number of the party you’d like to reach.

All the while, your NumberBarn phone number will display as the outgoing caller ID. No one knows you’re making this call on your cell phone. Yay!

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