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Pickle & Polly: The Very Best Fur Your Pet!

Pickle & Polly is breaking the internet! These instagramable, tent and teepee-inspired pet beds and pet products are all the rage. Pets (and their owners) are wild about them! Tim, founder of Pickle & Polly, shares more about their products and purpose. 

No longer do we live in a culture of “outside dogs and cats” only, “we treat our animals like family (and sometimes even better than family)” Tim says. For many of us, our animals provide emotional lifelines as faithful companions eager to jump on us and shower us with love and affection. And we can’t help but spoil our animals as well. For the devoted fur parent, Pickle & Polly’s products can’t be missed. 

Puppy Love at First Sight

Committed to creating “high quality, safe and premium pet products,” Pickle & Polly delivers only “the best for best friends.” From hypoallergenic cleaning supplies to chenille micro-fiber towels and mats, Pickle & Polly’s founder won’t sell anything he wouldn’t use for his own beloved pup, Pickle. 

Yup. You guessed it, Pickle joined Tim’s family in the most irresistible fashion. “So, did you get a puppy for your daughter yet?” Tim’s aunt mentioned at a family gathering. Tim started hearing random comments from friends and family that his daughter constantly expressed wanting a puppy. Even her elementary school teacher wrote in a review that she frequently talked about how much she wanted a puppy.

Of course, Tim eventually caved. Pickle obviously left an indelible impact on their family, with “Polly” becoming a pseudonym for Tim’s wife, who immediately fell in love with Pickle. The two became inseparable. When Polly saw Pickle, it was love at first sight. No other puppy could persuade her otherwise, not even Pickle’s nearly-identical brother.

Polly soon discovered that it wasn’t as easy as she thought to give Pickle, a Daschund Pug, “a high quality and safe lifestyle. She looked into his sad puppy eyes and said, ‘I just want the best for my best friend.’” And so, “Pickle & Polly was born with a mission of giving back to our furry friends.”

Tim’s wife, who is working on a doctorate in nursing, inspired not only part of the company name, but their “Dr. Polly” line of chemically-safe products.

The Purrfect Gifts for Your Pet

Tim’s story of Pickle & Polly exemplifies perseverance in the middle of obstacles. The Pickle & Polly team is constantly learning, with tenacious, sometimes trial and error test marketing to constantly improve their products.

Initially, Pickle & Polly’s pet tents and teepees were blue to correspond to the color of their logo. But they soon discovered that neutral colors proved far more popular. People wanted their pet furniture to match the color scheme of their home interior. “Pickle & Polly teepees are becoming part of living rooms,” Tim explains. Needless to say, Pickle & Polly took note and changed their product line to feature more neutral colors.

After working as a product manager for a few big names in retail and e-commerce ten years ago, Tim knew that a consistent product and exceptional customer experience were foundational for Pickle & Polly.

When Pickle & Polly started in 2019, it found itself facing pandemic-related challenges and other delays (which so many of us can relate to.) Navigating supply chain issues while striving for safe and quality manufacturing sourcing has kept Tim and his team on their toes. “The quality of the sourcing is essential to protect animals from accidentally ingesting anything harmful. Stronger materials keep products from breaking.” Pickle & Polly keeps the well-being of your pets their top priority. 

While the comfy tent/teepees are currently designed primarily for small – medium-sized animals like dogs, cats, and even bunnies, Pickle & Polly hopes to expand their product line soon. Look for products like ultra-safe, durable and long-lasting toys and possibly even a health-product line like vitamins and supplements for pets. Everything they do revolves around providing premium products for your pets. 

A Pawparrazi Following

After a few years of obstacles, Pickle & Polly turned a corner one day and ”so far there’s no looking back,” Tim says. After achieving rave reviews like the “number one best overall pet bed,” the “only challenge now is keeping up with the surge in demand thanks to individuals like pet influencers of Instagram,” Tim shares.

Pickle & Polly’s tents and teepees have gained so much attention that their Instagram is virtually self-sustaining. It’s difficult to pull yourself away from the long feed of endearing pictures shared by owners of adorable animals nestled into their plush Pickle & Polly abodes. Countless owners regularly tag Pickle & Polly in their enthusiastic, doting images of their pets tucked into tents and teepees, sometimes even decorated for the holidays, pet’s birthdays, etc.

Barking Up the Right Tree

Pickle & Polly’s popularity has turned marketing experiments into community-fostering events. “We just said, hey we’re going to do a photo shoot, come bring your dog and here’s the address. Tons of people showed up. We rented a house for the day and had product placement and a professional photographer. It was so great. It was easy because everybody loves their dog. We constantly get people who are pet influencers who reach out and want to help partner with us. Everybody wants to pamper their pet and we want to help.” 

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