William Patterson: Saving Money & Monkeys on a Preserve in Costa Rica

Meet William Patterson of TarZappa.com. Originally from North Carolina, he left the states to pursue his passion of protecting wild monkeys in a 100 acre rainforest preserve near Pavones, in Costa Rica.

The southwestern coast, once remote, is currently experiencing tremendous development, and the animals are being displaced. I want to make sure that they have some place to go. ~William Patterson

In the process of liquidating his assets in the United States, he is working to secure funds to expand the preserve. He hopes to renovate the small house on the property as well as capping a local spring to provide year-round water, plant additional fruit trees and cut a trail to provide quick access to protect against illegal hunting and logging.

Check out more of the story in William’s words below:

I have had the same address and phone number for the past thirty six years. I have been looking forward to spending more time in Costa Rica working in the jungle planting fruit trees for animals. I have run a tree service back in North Carolina for several decades and did not want to give up my client base in the event that they experience a Hurricane or an ice storm, which can be very lucrative for me.

I live on a meager income and my phone company wanted ten times what NumberBarn charges for virtually the same thing…so it was a no-brainer for what to do.

Shortly after transferring to NumberBarn, I realized that I had made a mistake on my greeting. I had no cell phone and contacted their support team via chat support with my computer. They fixed my problem in a matter of minutes. NumberBarn is perfect for my situation and a tremendous bargain.

We’re honored to provide a service that allows William to save money and save monkeys at the same time.

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