How am I notified of my SMS messages?

Did you know that SMS is included with ALL of the NumberBarn plans? Yee haw! 

That’s right – you can port your ole local landline number* to NumberBarn and receive SMS. Pretty great, right?

But wait – what happens when you actually receive a message? Don’t get your emojis in a bunch! We’ve got you covered.

SMS to your NumberBarn number will arrive to you via your online account or via email. Watch this video to see what this looks like!

Just remember that SMS will not be forwarded to the messaging program on your SmartPhone where you typically see your messages. By enabling SMS email notifications, you will receive an alert when a message is delivered.

Here’s how to enable SMS email notifications

  • In your NumberBarn account, click on the Voicemail & Text tab under your phone number. (If you have multiple phone numbers, click on the number you would like to edit first to show the number settings)
  • You will see the setting for Forward text to email with a setting for On or Off. Click the button to turn on or off.
  • Setting up the email address to receive messages
  • Enter your email address you would like to receive the forwarded SMS messages to the right of the label Email all messages to.
  • If you would like to add an additional email to receive the messages, click the +Add button to reveal a second field for an email address.
  • Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

Need more cowbell to know you have a message waiting?

You can customize settings on your SmartPhone to alert you when an SMS notification is received. How? The links below will guide you!

iPhone Users

Add “” as a VIP in Apple Mail. Instructions on this process can be found here. That way, when you receive an SMS email notification, a custom alert will display on your phone to let you know a message is waiting. Sounds can also be added.

Android Users

Set up VIP notifications in the Email app to let you know when “” has delivered a fresh SMS your way. Instructions on this process can be found here.

Gmail Users

Create a VIP Label in Gmail to filter messages from “” to your Inbox. You can also customize a sound to let you know a message is waiting. Detailed instructions on this process can be found here.

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*SMS applies to local numbers only. Toll free numbers are not eligible for SMS at this time. 
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