How do I transfer my number away from NumberBarn?

Want to port your number away from NumberBarn? We’ll help you get where you need to go.

Watch this video for 3 easy steps on how to transfer your number to your new service provider.

If you don’t feel like watching this, check out the steps below:

To begin, login to your account and click Numbers from the navigation bar.

Click on your number.

Click Options.

Click View Account Details.

The information you see here is what you’ll need to give to your new provider. Write this down!

The request your new provider sends to us to port your number must match what you have on file in your NumberBarn account.

Contact your desired service provider and tell them you’d like to port your number to their company.

Grab your porting away information from your NumberBarn account and hand it on over to your new provider.

At this point, they’ll submit the number transfer request to us.

We’ll then have our carrier review it, make sure everything matches and if it looks good, we’ll approve it.

It takes about 3-7 business days for the approval to go through. Note this does not include weekends or holidays.

When your port request is approved, we’ll send you an email. Note that an approval email does not mean completed. Do not delete your number from your account just yet. We will automatically cancel service and remove the number from your account once completed. We’ll also email you a confirmation email upon completion to your new provider.

If your port request is rejected, we’ll also email you and tell you why.

Once your number ports away from your NumberBarn account, we’ll remove it. That way, you’re not paying us anymore.

We’re standing by to answer any questions you have. Happy porting!

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