Why would I use the Park plan?

Cruisin’ to the grocery store in your car, you find a parking spot near the entrance. You hop out of your car and run into the store, hearing the “beep beep” of your car’s lock signal behind you. You’ll just be in the store for a few minutes. Or so you thought. Apparently everyone else happens to be shopping today and the lines are long. You are not thinking twice about your car in the parking lot, though. You know it will be there when you return.

Parking your phone number is very similar to parking your car in a parking lot. You leave your car while you do what you need to do and upon your return, your car is waiting for you.

With NumberBarn’s Park service, you hold the keys to your phone number. Your number hangs out in our barn while you go do something else. It will be waiting for your return.

Watch the video below to learn more about keeping your phone number and Parking it with NumberBarn.

So, why would you Park your phone number?

Traveling abroad

When traveling abroad for an extended period of time, it can be very expensive to use your US based cell phone. We know that you don’t want to miss any calls from back home. When you Park your number with us, you can play a message to your callers, alerting them of your travels. In that message, you can also provide alternate contact information. The Park plan gives you unlimited text messaging as well.

Starting a new business

With our large selection of vanity toll free and local numbers, you can easily find a great phone number for your upcoming business. We know that a phone number is just one step in a new business process, therefore, when you find that perfect number, don’t let it go. Our inventory of phone numbers updates on our website in real time. When you are ready to start answering those business calls, you can upgrade your plan to Call Forwarding to route calls to your cell phone or port your number away to a different service provider.

Phone number keepsake

Had the same phone number for years? Want to get a new phone number but don’t want lose calls from your original phone number? Or, just want to keep a number for sentimental reasons, like Sheila who parked her 50 year old phone number with NumberBarn. Or, like Chris who found his childhood phone number with us. You can still receive calls on this number and even create a custom recording for your callers, guiding them to reach you at your new number.

Moving to a new home or office

When you move from one location to another, there may be a window of time in which your local number does not have service, especially if you’re moving from one cable provider to another. If you are moving to a new city or state, your new landline or cable provider may not support your number. Since everyone has this number, you don’t want to lose it. By porting and parking your number with us, you can hang on to that number. Create a custom recording to alert your callers to your new contact information or simply upgrade to our Call Forwarding plan to still receive incoming calls to your old number and receive them on your new number. No new number memorization required!

No matter the reason to Park, one thing is for certain:

You will save money.

Our Park service is $2/month with a one time $5 port in fee. New numbers range from $5 and up. And, you only pay when your number ports.

Ready to Park your number?

To get started, visit our Number Parking page. Have any questions along the way, check out the helpful guides below or contact us!

Step by Step Guide: How to Port and Park Your Phone Number

How to Purchase a Number & Port Away in 4 Easy Steps

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