How to Work from Paradise

You found a discount flight to Hawaii. You have enough points for an ocean view hotel suite. You want to escape the cold weather! But, you’re a small business owner and your life revolves around your desk phone. How do you break free and work from paradise?

Transfer your number to NumberBarn, of course! Just consider us your ticket to paradise.

Here’s how this works:

Within 7-10 business days, your number will transfer over to your account with NumberBarn. With our Forward plan, you can route calls to your cell phone, allowing you to receive calls from anywhere you have cellular service, including paradise.

You can read more about how call forwarding works here. It’s a great tool that you can utilize for so much more than just business and working in paradise.

Make outbound calls using your business caller ID number with WiFi through our Mobile App or the Dialer within your browser.

Receive voicemail messages via email or in the desktop control panel. Listen to messages, save the files and easily return client calls.

Send and receive SMS through your business number through our Mobile App or the Messages section within your browser.

Now let’s just hope that your WiFi extends down to on those sandy shores!

We’re NumberBarn, we take phone numbers very seriously. But, we also like to have a little fun. To learn more about us, visit and follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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Jenny Dempsey

Jenny Dempsey is the Customer Experience Manager for NumberBarn