outbound calling with a virtual phone number


The NumberBarn Dialer

Place outbound calls with your virtual phone number as Caller ID.

  • Works with our app or in your web browser
  • Available with call forwarding and all numbers
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A Simple Virtual Phone Number

This outbound calling feature allows you to show your NumberBarn phone number as Caller ID when using your current phone or web browser to place outbound calls.

  • Select your outbound Caller ID.
  • Dial a number.
  • Callback mode: The Dialer calls your existing phone. Answer.
  • VoIP mode: We connect you to the number in your browser.

Callers see your selected NumberBarn phone number as Caller ID.

Simple Outbound Calling

  • Keep your personal phone number private
  • Show your business number when returning calls
  • Uses plan minutes, then $.03 a minute

Works in your browser and with our mobile app.

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How it Works
Use your online account or our app. Dial the number you want to call. We call your phone. Answer the call. We connect you to the number you dialed and show your selected outgoing caller ID.
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Pricing is simple. Transfer an existing phone number or get a new local or toll free phone number.

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Outbound Calling FAQs

How do I place outbound calls?

Within the account control panel or with our app, use the dialer to place outbound calls using your NumberBarn number as your outgoing caller ID.

How does outbound calling work?

  • Select your outgoing Caller ID from your NumberBarn account.
  • Dial the number you want to call.
  • Callback mode: NumberBarn calls your phone*, answer and we connect your call to the number dialed.
  • VoIP mode: NumberBarn connects your call to the number dialed right in your web browser.
  • Callee sees your NumberBarn phone number as your Caller ID.

*You will need an active phone service (such as your mobile phone) to use Callback.

Is the NumberBarn app required to place outbound calls?

The NumberBarn mobile app makes it easier to place outbound calls, but is not required to use outbound calling. You can use the dialer by logging in to your account in your web browser.

What if I go over my plan's monthly minutes?

Any minutes used over your plan's monthly allotted minutes will be billed at our pay as you go rate of $0.03/minute.

What plans include the outbound calling feature?

Our call forwarding plans include outbound calling. The 300 minute plan uses your included minutes, then will be billed $0.03/minute for usage over your plan's 300 minutes.

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