New Features Available Now

New Features

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at NumberBarn to improve our service and introduce some great new features. This latest crop of features are designed to enhance our call forwarding plans and are now available in every account.

Voicemail to Email Option

If you are forwarding calls to your mobile phone, but don’t want these callers to reach your mobile phone voicemail, we’ve got a solution! Now NumberBarn call forwarding plans have the option to turn on voicemail that will grab the forwarded call before it hits your mobile phone voicemail. You can set it to immediately send callers to voicemail or select a set amount of time to wait before hitting your NumberBarn voicemail. You can upload your own custom outgoing message and have voicemail sent to your email as an audio file. Voicemail is an optional included feature with call forwarding that can be turned on or off.

Caller ID Select

Want to know if the phone call you are receiving is someone calling your NumberBarn phone number? With Caller ID Select you can choose to have us show the caller’s Caller ID or show the NumberBarn phone number the caller has dialed. If you are using NumberBarn for your business number, this is an easy way to know when to answer the phone with your business greeting. Caller ID Select is included with our call forwarding plans.

Number Nickname

Accounts with multiple phone numbers sometimes find it difficult to visually locate the number they wish to modify. With Number Nickname, you can now add an internal name to each number (e.g. Business Line) that shows in your account. This nickname is only visible to you and lets you easily identify the number you want to edit. Searching through consecutive numbers or similar area codes is no longer a problem. Number Nickname is included with all plans.

SMS Forwarding to Email

Your mobile phone service handled your text messages on your smart phone. When you transfer that phone number and your situation is in transition, where do all those text messages go? Now with NumberBarn’s Notify and call forwarding plans, you have the option to forward incoming text (SMS) messages to your email.

These features and more are available with NumberBarn’s parking and call forwarding plans. To learn more, visit our website at

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