The 20 Most Popular Area Codes of 2023

We’re well into 2024 and inquiring minds want to know…what’s the story on last year’s top area codes? We’ve heard you and we’ve compiled our data to explore what city ranks where in our third annual study featuring the most popular area codes of 2023!

In classic NumberBarn style, we aren’t just going to list them off for you. We wanted to know why these area codes were the hottest in the nation, with some surprising appearances making the list that we didn’t expect. So we set out to examine:

  • What trends occurred in 2023 that affected the telecom industry?
  • What particular events impacted people enough to buy new phone numbers? 
  • Why were these area codes more popular than others, especially compared to years prior?

And this year, we’re giving you more than ever before. The previous two years, we’ve featured the top 15 area codes of North America. However, this year we’re unearthing the top 20.

Plus, with three years of accumulated data of purchased phone numbers from the NumberBarn marketplace, we’ll show you the trends in popularity of the top 100 area codes.

Here are the 20 Most Popular Area Codes of 2023.

Key Findings

In 2023, we found that:

  • Miami’s 786 is the nation’s most popular area code with the most purchased phone numbers.
  • Of the seven states that appear in the Top 20, California wins for most popular state, claiming six of the area codes and 32.51% of all phone numbers purchased in the Top 20.
  • For the third year in a row, New York City is the single most popular city, claiming three of the top area codes and 22.1% of all phone numbers purchased in the Top 20.
  • While original area codes remain most preferred, some newer area codes are gaining traction. 
  • The formation of new overlaying area codes significantly impacts the demand for other area codes in that area.

Top 20 Area Codes of 2023

Hawaii – (808)

Area Codes: A Bird’s Eye View

So what are the perfect components for cultivating a top area code? We’ve surmised it to include at least the following:

  • A growing population in an already populous area
  • Business growth
  • Telecom market trends like the establishment of new area codes
  • Nostalgia and reputability

There’s still no way to accurately predict the market changes when it comes to area code demand. Though the 86 original U.S. area codes seem to maintain their value, there are always exceptions and anomalies that buck the trends.

For instance, we could expect to see heavy-hitters like Miami’s 305, San Francisco’s 415 and Chicago’s 312 on our list every year. But prestige doesn’t always equate to popularity.

If you’re wondering how those historically desired area codes have fared over the years, here’s a little more insight on the trends of the top 100 area codes of 2023 over the past three years.

As you can see, area codes have an ever-changing nature and considerable cultural implications. There’s only one thing that has a greater impact on an area code’s popularity.

And what’s that?


Represent Your Area Code in 2024

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NumberBarn’s study of The Most Popular Area Codes of 2023 looked at brokered-phone numbers purchased in the U.S. in 2023 from the marketplace.

This study only includes phone numbers purchased with a local area code. Phone numbers purchased with a toll-free area code were not included.

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