Unlimited Call Forwarding Available from NumberBarn

NumberBarn Unlimited Call ForwardingNumberBarn call forwarding lets you forward incoming calls to any US number of your choice. Purchase a new toll free or local phone number, or transfer your old landline number and send calls to your mobile phone. And now for only $19 a month (plus tax), NumberBarn Unlimited Call Forwarding makes it easy to create a calling solution that works for your budget.

How NumberBarn Call Forwarding Works

Using Voice Over IP (VoIP), NumberBarn call forwarding allows you to setup a phone number that receives calls and forwards them to the active phone number of your choice. This makes it easy to create a secondary line or new business line by utilizing your existing phone service (mobile or other) without expensive monthly services fees.

Keep Your Number or Get a New One

With NumberBarn you can choose to transfer (port) your existing phone number to us or activate a new toll free or local phone number. Each plan includes one phone number to use with the service.

For more information about NumberBarn’s Unlimited Call Forwarding, please visit our website at: https://www.numberbarn.com

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