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We recently got my son a new phone. It was his 11th birthday and that was all he wanted. He was apparently “the only kid in school without one.” If you have young kids in school, you’ve probably heard it. Well he may not be exaggerating. I’ve been on campus. Every kid in elementary school has a nicer mobile phone than me.

His phone of choice was a new Samsung Galaxy S4. Nice phone. More of an Apple guy myself, but none the less, a good choice. It has everything an 11 year old needs: games, texting and way more internet access than any kid should have. Way more. Exactly why parental controls were invented. It also came with, like all phones, a new phone number.

Unlike a used car, you can’t find any history on your “new” phone number. You choose one you like and it’s yours. And in my son’s case, at one time it was also the choice of Andrea G. Andrea used that number for a lot of things, including group texts for work, calling friends and also for registering her prescriptions at CVS pharmacy. (In case you’re reading this  Andrea, your prescription is ready to be picked up.)

It seems Andrea canceled her cell phone service recently and didn’t notify her friends, co-workers or all the companies she’s registered that number with. They find her very important and continue to contact her. Daily. Not only is it a nuisance to get these texts and calls, it is also a potential privacy and security risk for Andrea! In the hands of a crooked deviant, this free information could be used to gain access to all sorts of personal data. Thankfully for her my son has no criminal intentions, but eventually we’ll text back some made up data for that company report the group is asking for.

With NumberBarn, Andrea could have simply ported that number before she canceled. Without having to notify anyone, her calls could simply be forwarded to her new phone number or better yet, transferred the old number to her new cell provider. No hassles, no missed calls, and no potential risks.

At $2 a month, NumberBarn’s number parking service seems like a simple solution to make sure your personal information is safe from prying crooks and elementary school kids. And as we head into flu season, ensure your prescription medications are picked up on time.

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