How do I keep my phone number?

It’s good to hold on to the things that you love.

Especially when that thing you love keeps you connected to folks that love you right back.

Phone numbers connect us. From family members down the street to those in other states or countries, staying connected is an important part of the human experience.

You may move to another city or travel abroad. No matter what, keeping your phone number is an option.

Here are two scenarios that you may encounter in your life where you need to keep your phone number:

You’re moving to another city and can’t keep the same landline with your cable provider.

You’ve had your landline number for years. Even though you’re moving to another city, your landline provider said that your existing number is not supported in the new area and they will give you a new one to use. You have a few options to keep your original landline number:

  • Set up a recording on your original landline number to alert your callers of your new landline number.

—–> Follow our Step by Step Guide: How to Port and Park Your Phone Number to set this up.

  • Forward calls from your original landline number to the new landline number.
  • Forward calls from your original landline number to your cell phone number.

—–> Follow our Step by Step Guide: How to Port & Forward Your Calls to accomplish this, no matter which number to forward to.

You’re traveling abroad and using only wifi on your phone. You want to nix your cell phone bill and have your number put back on your phone when you return.

Save that money to go toward your next adventure!

Start by porting your number to NumberBarn (this will take about 3 to 10 days, so be sure to start in advance). Then, set your number on the $2/month + tax Park plan.

You can create a custom message informing callers of your whereabouts as well as sending and receiving text messages while abroad.

When you return, you can put your number back on your cell phone.

—–> Follow our Step by Step Guide: How to Port and Park Your Phone Number to get things moving.

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