Toll-Free Numbers Available Now

Toll-free Numbers from NumberBarn

NumberBarn announces the release of toll-free numbers.

Beginning today, NumberBarn subscribers have access to the full range of 877, 866, 855, and now 844 toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers not only provide a central phone number to manage all businesses communications, but a nation-wide reach. By offering a toll-free number you send a message to your customers that you mean business by taking their needs seriously. Be number smart by securing your own toll-free number today: Park plans start at only $2/month.

Gain a nation-wide reach with toll-free numbers

Take it from someone like Joe, sole proprietor of Hidden Meadows Heating and Air,

Before I used a toll-free number my customers just thought I was a mom-and-pop shop. My ability to service contracts outside of my geographical area hasn’t necessarily increased, but for some reason having a toll-free number gives the perception that my company is bigger than it really is, and this helps provide people peace of mind when deciding to use me over one of my competitors.

Take advantage of NumberBarn’s toll-free options starting at $2/month for Park plans, or $6/month for call-forwarding. You’re already phone smart. Start being number smart today.

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