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North County Academy of Dance (NCAD) in Bonsall, CA started like most businesses: with passionate founders, a unique mission, and a number of obstacles to overcome before their dream can become a reality. Like most start ups, phone service is often over looked. The cost of a new telephone line outweighs the benefit of a dedicated line and the solution is placed on the back burner until more resources are available.

For anybody that has started a business, they know that passion alone doesn’t pay the bills. There’s an initial investment period where those internal rationalization becomes all-to-familiar, “Uh, I’ll put that off until later when I have more money.” Resourceful entrepreneurs have got to decide between the “nice-to-haves” and “essentials” that will increase revenue.

This is exactly what happened to Cassandra Lund: Director and Co-Founder of NCAD. She decided to use her personal cell phone while things ramped up. After all, she was already paying for her smartphone. So, why take on added expenses of a business number for a young dance studio when she didn’t have to?

It wasn’t that she hadn’t hoped for or dreamed of instant success, but when the studio started to grow so did the number of calls coming into her phone. After a year of using her cell phone for advertising and business cards, she realized her, once, personal number had now become the public-facing communication line for her growing business. She’s now left with a decision: give up her number and a get a new one for personal use, or get a new business number and give up a year’s worth of branding.

With NumberBarn, Cassandra could have simply added a new toll-free number and forwarded it to her cell phone. Without having to decide between personal or business use she could have the best of both worlds and not break the bank during the start-up phase. At only $6 a month, NumberBarn’s forwarding service is an option for entrepreneurs to be number smart.

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