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The 5 Best Call Forwarding Benefits You Should Know

If you understand call forwarding only in a business context, you might be missing out. While it’s definitely useful for businesses and their owners, with all the features it has to offer, anyone can benefit from call forwarding. We always want you to get the most out of your phone number options. So we’ve narrowed down some straight-forward benefits (pun intended) to this sometimes misunderstood and underutilized feature. 

Guess what? You don’t need to own a business or be a major executive in a large corporation. If you have a phone with a phone number, you can use call forwarding (aka everyone).

Still don’t believe me? That’s okay. Together, we’ll go over exactly what it is that call forwarding can do for you and why you need it. First, let’s define call forwarding.

What Does Call Forwarding Mean?

Call forwarding is sending calls (or “forwarding” calls) from one telephone number to another number or group of numbers.

For example, when someone dials (833) FOR-WARD, the call is forwarded to your cell phone without the caller knowing. Your cell phone number is different from the one dialed, but you still receive the call on your cell phone. Then when you answer your cell phone, you’ll automatically connect to the caller.

That’s call forwarding. Two numbers, one device.

For more, in-depth information, we wrote a complete guide to call forwarding 

Oh, you don’t have a second phone number? That’s okay. You can easily get a new phone number for as little as $5.

“Why do I even need a second phone number for forwarding calls?” you might ask. Let’s jump into it now.

The Benefits of Call Forwarding

While call forwarding offers countless uses and benefits, we’ll explore those that we believe everyone can use.

(Hint: if you’d like to see a list of examples, click that link up there ☝️).

Call Forwarding Benefit #1: Keep Important, Sentimental Numbers

Depending on your situation, you may need to switch carriers. But not every carrier supports every phone number.

If your new desired carrier can’t accept your new number, you have an alternative.

You can port and park your number to a VoIP (online) carrier to keep that number active. With that VoIP carrier, like us for example, you can activate call forwarding for an additional fee (only $6/month with NumberBarn).

Now every phone call placed to that sentimental number will be redirected to your new number with that new carrier.

Benefit #2: Maintain Privacy and Anonymity

With call forwarding, your actual number is masked when making or receiving calls.

Whether you’re a business owner trying to network, or perhaps trying out something like online dating, you may not be comfortable giving out your personal number to just anyone. And understandably so.

That’s when having a second number with call forwarding can really come in handy. You can give that alternate number to anyone and not feel like you’re jeopardizing your personal life.

You can also use your second number when creating online accounts or signing up for online services and subscriptions. Just in case that company gives your information to third-parties, you won’t have the number you’ve had forever being bombarded with spam calls.

Benefit #3: Blocking Phone Numbers

Speaking of spam calls, another cool feature included in our call forwarding plan is the ability to block any number you don’t want calling or texting you.

You know that person you just gave your NumberBarn phone number to so you can maintain your privacy? If they call or text you too much, just block them.

Pro-tip: Blocking calls through your NumberBarn account doesn’t block the unwanted calls on the number you’re forwarding to. So if you find it necessary, block the number on both your account and your phone.

Benefit #4: Forward Straight to Voicemail

With our call forwarding plan, you can send calls to your second number straight to your voicemail. That way, you don’t need to be distracted with multiple calls to BOTH of your numbers.

Send calls to your second number straight to voicemail so that you only get personal calls.

Also, since the voicemails get sent to your email, you can still check them at your convenience, and call back any urgent calls. You can listen to your voicemails on either your web browser or our mobile application.

You also have the option for more advanced features like Simultaneous Ring and Auto Attendant Menus. Check out our sister company, NumberGarage, for more info on those.

Benefit #5: SMS

With phone calls becoming less and less popular, it only makes sense for you to be able to text with your new number as well. Lucky for you, you are. And we absolutely love this benefit!

Yes, our call forwarding plan includes sending, receiving, and forwarding SMS (texts messages).

You won’t see them in your preferred messaging app on your mobile device. Both sending and receiving SMS are available via your account in any web browser and also through our mobile application. You’ll also receive notifications of new texts via email. Simply enable email notifications in your account settings.

Call Forwarding Bonus Tip: Toll-Free Option

While call forwarding is for everyone, I can’t help but include an additional tip for business owners.

Make your business more accessible with a toll-free phone number (as opposed to a local number). Have calls to that number forwarded to your personal number. That means your customers won’t be charged for calling you AND you’ll still receive that call on your local number/personal mobile device.

And if you’re an individual who receives a lot of long-distance calls from loved ones, you can also purchase a toll-free number.

Just tell your child who lives across the country that they won’t be billed any long-distance fees for talking to you on the phone and they really have no excuse for not calling you… that is if they even know what “long-distance” is…

Start Forwarding Your Calls… It’s Simple

Call forwarding is an incredibly simple and essential tool. Protect your personal privacy while maintaining accessibility. Once it’s set up, you’re good to go.

Call forwarding isn’t exclusive to business owners and marketers. The same benefits are also available to professionals (like lawyers, doctors, realtors, etc.) AND any individual who takes their privacy seriously.

Say goodbye to spam calls and giving your life-long phone number to strangers… or strange people.

Say hello to call forwarding.

It’s an easy and simple way to manage every call you get every day, whether they’re personal or professional calls.

Get a call forwarding plan now!

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