Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages with your NumberBarn phone numbers. A quick and easy way to connect via SMS (text messaging) anytime, anywhere with NumberBarn.

% Works in your browser.
% Works in our smart phone app.

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For local numbers only. Toll free not supported.

text messaging on your smart phone

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Works with your web browser and your smart phone

Works with your web browser and the NumberBarn app

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Receive SMS

Receive Text Messages

All local numbers in your account can receive SMS. Access all text messages in a single message inbox that can be filtered by phone number.

Send SMS

Send Text Messages

Use an internet connection to send messages with your computer or smart phone. Messages can be sent from any local phone number in your account.

Text Messaging Features

  • All numbers are available from a single message inbox
  • Send messages from any local phone number in your account
  • Received messages are grouped into a conversation
  • Add nicknames to numbers for easy identification
  • Block numbers with a click
  • Send and receive popular emojis
  • Send and receive images and video (MMS)

What's Supported

  • All local phone numbers in your account can send and receive
  • Works in your web browser with an internet connection
  • Works with the NumberBarn app on your smart phone
  • MMS (multimedia messaging) for all local phone numbers
  • Replying to short code numbers

What's NOT Supported

  • Toll free numbers are not supported.
  • International numbers (outbound and inbound) are not supported.
  • Initiating a message to short code numbers is not supported.
  • Group text messaging is not supported.

NumberBarn's numbers are classified as "wireline" or landline. Some short code verification messages will only be sent to wireless phone numbers as it is the policy of the sender. NumberBarn cannot change this classification to accept these messages.

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Text Messaging FAQs

What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a "text message".

Do text messages count against my monthly minutes?

No. Text messages do not count against your monthly NumberBarn minutes.

Can text messages be forwarded to my cell phone number?

NumberBarn's SMS service will receive the message and show it in your account inbox. We do not forward messages to another phone number.

Are there any other charges or fees to use text messaging?

No. There are no additional charges or fees to use our text messaging service.

Is the NumberBarn app required to send and receive text messages?

The NumberBarn mobile app makes it easier to send text messages, but is not required to use our SMS service. You can send and receive text messages in your account via a web browser as well.

What plans include the text messaging feature?

Our Park and call forwarding plans include text messaging.

What is MMS?

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service. It allows cellphone and smartphone users to send each other multimedia messages. The service is based on SMS.

Does NumberBarn's text messaging support MMS?

Yes! NumberBarn supports MMS for local numbers. We do not support toll free numbers.

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