20 Ways NumberBarn Can Improve Your Small Business

So, you’re a small business.

You need a way for your clients to contact you.

Using your personal cell phone number to do business is so last year.

You’re the type of organized entrepreneur that needs a balance. You need a way to differentiate between personal and business phone calls.

NumberBarn to the rescue! 

Here are 20 Ways NumberBarn Can Improve Your Small Business

1. Save money with affordable startup costs for a business number

With phone numbers starting at $5 and monthly forwarding plans starting at $6/month, you’re looking at incredibly low start-up costs for your business phone system. Not too shabby, right?

2. Build a brand presence with a branded vanity number

Starting a health food business in San Diego? Purchase (760) 5-HEALTH to keep the local vibes alive with every call. Or, if you’re starting a food truck that travels around to a variety of locations, (833) YUM-FOOD is waiting for you. Make it easy for your clients to remember how to reach you by phone. Want to see what might be available for your brand? Check it out here:


3. Keep your options open with a variety of toll-free number offerings: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833

Build a national client base with a toll-free number. We offer a wide variety of toll-free options, including the newest toll-free on the block, 833. You can find yourself a vanity toll-free number, such as (833) YUM-FOOD or pick one from our inventory.

4. Build instant credibility to your business and convey a nation wide reach with a toll-free number

Toll-free numbers are widely trusted by clients. They give the big business vibe and showcase that brand professionalism. Begin your search for a toll-free number here: https://www.numberbarn.com/search

5. Nix big fussy phone systems 

No matter if you’ve selected a toll-free or local number, you can use our Forward plans to route calls directly to your existing cell phone or the cell phones of other partners on your team. That means you don’t have to purchase any big clunky phone hardware. Hooray!

6. Work from anywhere using call forwarding

As an entrepreneur, you’re on the go. No time to sit at a desk. With call forwarding, you can route your calls to your cell phone for easy access to business.

7. Mask your cell phone with your business caller ID on outbound calls

Need to contact a client but don’t want to share your personal cell phone number? NumberBarn allows you to place outbound calls through your desktop or mobile app which will display your business number instead of your cell phone. If you have multiple numbers in your account, you can swap the outbound caller ID on any call at any time.

8. Know exactly when your clients are calling you

When your business number forwards to your cell phone, you have the choice to display your business number as the incoming caller ID. That way, you know exactly when your clients are calling you. This also helps you to answer in a professional tone, instead of “Hey, dude”.

9. Stop answering every call using an auto attendant

We offer an IVR/menu system that gives you the option to have an auto attendant recording answer your calls and your callers can dial an option on the keypad to reach different departments. For example, press 1 to reach you on your cell. Press 2 to reach your business partner. And, press 3 to reach your intern.

10. Showcase your brand voice with a personalized outgoing message

With a ton of free business recording tools out there, you can craft your own brand-friendly recording to greet your callers. Or, simply let our system call you to create a recording straight through your phone.

11. Keep better track of business voicemail

Voicemail messages arrive to you via email. You can listen to the recordings then save to your computer for future reference. Best bet – create a separate folder in your email or Google Drive to keep the messages you need handy. Or, forward the voicemail to your partner for them to return the client’s call.

12. Easy communication with remote workers

Are you sitting in San Diego and your business partner sits in New York? Under the umbrella of a menu system, calls can route to anyone in the US or Canada.

13. Take your number with you as your business grows

You’re not stuck with us forever. As your business grows, you have the option to transfer your number to a different provider at any time. We do not charge any fees to transfer your number away.

14. No BS, contract or termination fees

NumberBarn will not charge any termination fees should you decide to port your number away or cancel service. We do not have any contracts that bind you to our service. That said, no BS!

15. No install or new hardware

Not sure what you’re doing yet with your business? Before it grows and you commit to a hardware phone system, forward your incoming calls to your cell phone with our Forward plans. Or, just Park the number with us until you’re ready.

16. Protect privacy of personal cell phone

Your cell phone acts as a multi-purpose tool, mixing business, family and friends into one. NumberBarn gives you the flexibility to place outbound calls to your clients using your business number instead of your personal cell phone. That way, your client can still reach you, but will not have access to your personal number. Have more than one business number in your account? You can change the outgoing caller ID at any time.

17. Manages their life by their cell phone

We can’t emphasize this enough – you are already on your cell phone, so why purchase another phone system?

18. Offer client support via SMS without clogging your personal phone

With our included SMS service, clients can text you and you can text them back, all from your business number. This can be organized through the NumberBarn mobile app for iOS and Android. That way, business texts remain with business and a client won’t accidentally receive a dancing cat GIF you meant to send to a friend with the same name.

19. Don’t lose your existing business number

Want to get away from your big hardware phone system but don’t want to lose your existing business number? While you can transfer your number away from us at any time with no termination fees, you can also port a number to NumberBarn for just a one-time fee of $5. Porting to and from NumberBarn takes about 3-7 business days.

20. Save money

Save your bucks with our low-cost plans that start at $2/month. With no hidden small print or termination fees, we’ve had customers that save hundreds of dollars per month switching to NumberBarn. Curious? Check out our Plans.

We’re NumberBarn, we take phone numbers very seriously. But, we also like to have a little fun. To learn more about us, visit NumberBarn.com and follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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