10 reasons why you want to park your number with NumberBarn

Parking means storing your number in an active status. 

With our $2/month Park plan, you get:

So, why do folks park a phone number anyways? Find out the 10 most common reasons below:

You’re a traveller

You don’t want to pay your cell phone bill while you’re traveling abroad. You’d rather spend your money on eclairs and baguettes! Plus, you can still receive texts on your number or use it with WhatsApp for no extra cost.

You’re a snowbird

Moving from one location to another, you need a place to park your local number until you return to finer weather. Our customer, Dick, does this twice a year.

You’re a landline ditcher

You’re over your home landline bill but don’t want to lose the number. Park it with NumberBarn and use the money you save to put toward a new roof.

You’re a business owner

Your business to-do list requires you to purchase a phone number before opening day. Not ready to use it, you can park it here until you’re ready to cut the red ribbon.

You’re moving

Moving from one part of town to another? Instead of losing your number when you sign up with a new service provider, Park your number with NumberBarn with a recording to let people know you’ve moved.

You’ve got a family heirloom

Your phone number of 50 years can stay active without the pricey phone bill.

You’re going to college

You’re heading to college in another state and you don’t want to lose your local home number – park it until you return back to your parent’s good home cookin’ and laundry machine.

You’ve got a new phone number

You’ve got a new phone number but don’t want to lose your old one. Park your old number with NumberBarn with a custom recording guiding your callers to reach you on your new digits.

You just need notifications

You only need a phone number for receiving SMS notifications. Make sure that we can support the company sending you these alerts.

You’re a gift giver

You want to surprise someone with their name in a phone number, like this Father of the Year did.

Whatever your reason for parking a number, get started here:


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