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A toll free number gives instant credibility to your business and conveys a nation wide reach. Toll free numbers are common and generally expected for any business who is serious about their customers. Not only are toll free numbers a great marketing asset, they allow customers to call your business without being charged for the call.

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Broaden your marketing with a unique phone number that’s easy for customers to read and remember on your business cards and advertising.

Send and receive text messages

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Voicemail audio files are sent individually and directly to your email, or stored in your account call logs. Find and download the messages you most urgently need.

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For entrepreneurs and startup businesses

Setting up traditional toll free service is expensive and slow. NumberBarn is an easy alternative that gets your new toll free business number up and running instantly. Using our call forwarding service, callers dial your toll free number and can be forwarded to any active phone number you choose. Simple, efficient and doesn't break the bank during the start up phase.

  • Use your existing phone service (mobile, landline, etc)
  • No install or new "lines"
  • Affordable plans
  • Simple number management
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There are many new toll free numbers available to purchase and quickly active. We offer all toll free prefixes, including the original true 800 number. Prices start at $5 to own your custom toll free number.


Our licensing option allows you to use a high-value toll free without a high purchase price. A license gives you full access to use a toll free number as long as you need, and cancel at anytime with no contract or fees.


When your business moves from the living room to the board room, NumberBarn makes it easy for you to port your number to a full-service provider that can handle your growing business needs. *Licensed numbers can not port out.

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Toll Free Number FAQs

Does my business need a toll free number?

If your business sells products or services online or may require customers to phone in for sales or service, a toll free number gives you instant credibility and a national presence.

Are there extra fees to purchase a toll free number?

There are no extra fees to purchase a new toll free number. Each number in your account must have it's own plan.

Are there extra per minute fees to use a toll free number?

Toll free numbers use your plan's minutes like a local number. There are no extra per minute fees to place or receive calls to your toll free number.

Is there a difference between the 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833 prefixes?

No. 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, 1-855, 1-844 and 1-833 all work the same. The 1-800 prefix is the original and "true" 800 number, but they all offer you the same benefits.

How does a toll free number work?

Toll free numbers allow callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged for the call. This provides callers with a "free" and convenient way to contact businesses. For more information on toll free numbers, visit

What if I cancel? Do I lose my toll free number?

No. Before you cancel your service with NumberBarn, simply port away your number to your preferred provider. Should you wish to save the number with no active service, simply change your NumberBarn plan to parking and you can keep it indefinitely.

Can I place outbound calls with my toll free number?

Yes! Within the account control panel, use our dialer to place outbound calls using your NumberBarn number as your outgoing caller ID.

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