Bulk Phone Number Transfers

Get great rates on bulk phone number porting and parking. Transfer 10 or more phone numbers to NumberBarn in one order and you'll qualify for our discounted bulk port pricing.

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Bulk Porting Rates

DIDs Setup Fee* Park Fee Forward Fee  
10-19 $4 $2/mo $6/mo  
20-49 $3.50 $1.50/mo $5/mo  
50-99 $3 $1/mo $5/mo  
100-499 $0 $1/mo Contact us  
500-999 $0 $0.75/mo Contact us  
1000+ $0 Contact us Contact us  

Prices are per phone number (DID). All numbers must be with same carrier in a single account.
*Setup fee applies to on-net transfer to our primary carrier. All other ports may be assessed fees to cover the cost and handling of the port. We will verify your numbers before starting any port. Free setup for annual Park plan

What You'll Need (Requirements)

  • A file with a list of phone numbers you are transferring. (Excel, CSV, or text format)
  • A copy of your phone bill for the numbers (must be within the last 30 days).
  • A completed Letter of Authorization form.

Note: All numbers must be with same carrier in a single account. We will verify your numbers before starting any port.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us know how many numbers you are ready to transfer and we'll give you a quote and instructions for getting your bulk port request submitted.

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Phone Number Management

NumberBarn has a simple user interface for phone number management. However, 100's of numbers can be time consuming to manage. Let us know your bulk change and we can take care of it for you with a single update.

What to Expect When Porting

The bulk porting process usually takes anywhere from 3 - 10 days. This may be extended slightly due the volume of numbers being transferred and the speed at which your current carrier will work. We will keep you updated all along the way.

You don't pay until your numbers transfer to NumberBarn, and if we can't port them, you don’t pay.

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