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With hundreds of thousands of phone number ports under our belt, we remain focused on being a reliable and trusted partner. Actively working with customers, our team takes interest in how our service can help their goals become a reality. Our quest to make the world "number smart" also means taking the time and going the extra mile to make customers happy.

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"I am so thankful I had NumberBarn there with me."

Let Kyle Van Deusen, owner of OGAL Web Design, tell you how he made the transition over to NumberBarn, ensuring that he still received his business calls in his home office after moving and discovering his provider didn't support his new address.


What NumberBarn customers are saying about us
They should take your company as a case study for customer support & record it to share with large companies, schools who offer hospitality programs, government agencies, and any other company who wants to witness the difference between good and great. Since I’ve contacted support, your team has just been remarkable.

Happy Customer

Hands down … absolutely the BEST in the business! Amazing customer service that goes above and beyond, great value and pricing for their services, and overall just stellar at what they do. I couldn’t be more thrilled with their offerings; and their customer support that exceeds all expectations!

Happy Customer

Personally, I don’t think you could find anybody better! I’ve been in business since 1971 and had a few phone services during my time. With NumberBarn, I bought a vanity number late Friday afternoon, and today, (Monday morning) it is already up and running, customized voicemail and all. And, they didn’t even bill me until later this afternoon. How much better could it be than that?

Happy Customer

Let me just say that NumberBarn has far exceeded my expectations in keeping me informed. So often I deal with vendors and service providers that just leave me hanging and I have to pull information from them. You all at NumberBarn are top-notch! Thanks again for all that you do!

Happy Customer

Kylie and the team bent over backwards. She talked our mobile provider’s representative through all the issues we were having in porting the number until the issue was resolved. Email response was instant, as if I was on Messenger. Amazing - especially to an impatient person like myself :) It was a pleasure, and I really mean that - an absolute pleasure doing business with you all!

Happy Customer

All day, emailing and calling various vendors to get stuff done - all of them making various excuses or failing to get the job done. NumberBarn was the lone exception - the fastest and most effective by far.

Happy Customer

I just have to say, your customer service is amazing. I feel so spoiled to have you guys. Thanks for making things easy for me.

Happy Customer

I want to thank you for providing excellent service in my quest for getting my phone number ported out from my old carrier. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of service you provided from start to finish. I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone else with this same dilemma.

Happy Customer

Customer service is excellent. All the staff is friendly and they get things done right away. The service NumberBarn provides is great at an affordable price. I will definitely continue to use them every time I go out of the country.

Happy Customer

From the customer end, everything runs very efficiently. Your system is easy, and user friendly. Every time I've reached out for help, knowledgeable friendly staff have addressed all questions in a timely manner.

Happy Customer

The most efficient customer service people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I am comparing you with four banks, two telephone companies, three credit card companies, two internet providers, one property management company, one electrical utility company all of which I am dealing with, and you win hands down for availability, understanding needs, efficiency, clarity, honesty, helpfulness, excellent personal and internet communications, ease of use, etc.

Happy Customer

For 16 years I had a business with employees --- and employee attitudes can sometimes be an issue. Each of you that I’ve interacted with at NumberBarn have been stellar performers! I have experienced excellent Customer Service for everyone! You are an incredibly proactive problem-solving team! And a constant joy to work with! Thanks a million for being so willing to help me!

Happy Customer

I run and host my radio station from my home basement Studio. I also take phone call requests and I originally was using Skype to take my calls. My phone calls kept cutting out all the time. I recently learned about NumberBarn from another radio station friend of mine. I signed up and didn't know what to expect from the beginning. I've been working with the representative, Jenny Sue and little did I know, she really truly cares about my passion with the radio station. She gets back to my questions right away and helps with no worry about anything going wrong. She even called to make a request! That was a huge surprise but it really made my day. Jenny makes me feel like I'm not just some number customer. She truly cares about the quality of service she delivers... It's been a great experience so far with no cutting out on the new phone service. And, the quality is so much better and clearer on my radio show when I air phone calls.


Unparalleled service. Sanity-shearing behemoths like Verizon and Bank of America should take note. Those corporations specialize in labyrinthine customer support that leaves one exhausted, angry, and unfulfilled. Number Barn is like California sunshine: refreshing, eminently useful, and deliciously surprising. What are the chances of receiving a handwritten, "thank you" postcard from Verizon?...about as likely as receiving accurate information from Bank of America. Five-star ratings are given to companies with reckless abandon. Behold! actual Five-star company.

Happy Customer

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