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Time to cut the cord? Whether you're looking to save some money, moving or cancelling an old service, we know your phone number is important. We've made managing it a breeze. And our simple and inexpensive transfer process means one less thing to worry about. Works for local and toll free numbers.

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Number Parking - $2/mo

Moving and have to get a new local number? Transfer and park your old number and safely store it with NumberBarn until you are ready to activate it and receive calls.

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Call Forwarding - $6/mo

Port your old number and start call forwarding to your mobile phone (or any US or Canadian phone number). Our forwarding plan saves you money every month!

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Simple Number Features

sms text messages

Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages with your NumberBarn number*
voicemail to email

Voicemail to Email

Turn on voicemail and send audio messages to email
Outbound calling

Outbound Calling

Outbound calls using your NumberBarn number caller ID
select incoming caller id

Incoming Caller ID Select

Show the caller's number or your NumberBarn number
call blocking

Call Blocking

Block incoming calls from specific phone numbers
custom outgoing message

Custom Outgoing Message

Upload or record audio as your park & voicemail message
Mobile Calling App

Mobile Calling App

Place outbound calls using your existing smart phone
calling menu

Auto Attendant Menu

Add outgoing menu: Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support

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*Short code and MMS is not supported in all areas. Not available for toll free numbers.

The Porting (Transfer) Process

Phone number porting simply means transferring your number from one provider to another. The techie term for this is local number portability or LNP. Port your under-used never-used home, cell or business phone number to NumberBarn and save every month with our parking and call forwarding plans.

1. Sign Up & Authorize

  • Gather current account info
  • Sign up directly on our site
  • Authorize by call, text or authorization form

2. We Work with Your Carrier

  • Our team submits the order to your carrier
  • We'll handle the technical stuff
  • You'll get status updates by email

3. Transfer is Completed

  • We'll notify you when the transfer is done
  • Your number is immediately activated
  • You cancel your old service

Can I Transfer My Number?

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Case 1: Moving Out of My Area Code

You're about to move. Your new provider won't accept your current phone number. You love that number. You don’t want to lose your number you’ve had forever, but the provider won't take it.

  1. Transfer your phone number to NumberBarn.
  2. Cancel the old service.
  3. Forward incoming calls out to your cell phone (or any phone number).
  4. No need to give out your new number.

Enjoy your move. Save your number. Never miss a call.

Case 2: Cancelling My Landline

You have two phones: A cell phone and a land line phone. Both are expensive. But you really only use your cell phone. You don’t need the land line service, but you don’t want to lose your land line number you’ve had forever.

  1. Transfer your land line number to NumberBarn.
  2. Cancel the old service.
  3. Forward incoming calls out to your cell phone.
  4. Show your land line number as incoming Caller ID so you can answer appropriately.

Save some bucks. Keep your number. Never miss a call.

Case 3: My Business is Downsizing

Your toll free business phone is moving from the board room to the home office. Downsizing. You don’t need the whole pricey business phone system, just a number that rings.

  1. Transfer your toll free number to NumberBarn.
  2. Cancel the old service.
  3. Forward incoming calls out to your cell phone.
  4. Show your toll free number as incoming Caller ID so you can answer appropriately.

Save some bucks. Keep your number. Run your business.

Moving, traveling abroad, cancelling a pre-paid wireless service, job change, provider going out of business and more. NumberBarn can get you out of a jam, save you some money and help manage your phone number.

Why Use NumberBarn?

Feel safe and secure when entrusting your phone numbers to NumberBarn. We Offer:

Lowest prices for porting and parking

The lowest prices in the industry

Here to help

First-class customer support

No surprises

No contract, hidden taxes or fees


A fun pig as a mascot

You can save $300+ a year!

By switching to NumberBarn, you can lower your phone bill by as much as $300 a year! For as little as 25¢ a day, our service allows you to add and consolidate numbers, stay connected and save your hard earned money.

If you knew how much a phone number really costs your provider that's charging you $30+/month, you would have switched a long time ago.

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Lower your phone bill
Port your number from any phone service

You Own Your Phone Number

Under the FCC's "local number portability" (LNP) rules, you are legally able to keep your number when you move or change phone companies.

You own that number you've had for years. You can transfer it to another phone service or park it and save it for later. That includes your old home phone, pre-paid cell phone, old business line or cell service.

Learn more about LNP rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "port my number" mean?

"Porting" simply means transferring your existing landline or cell phone number from one telephone service provider to another.

Who owns my phone number?

You own it! We simply take care of it for you. We "port in" your number from your current provider and maintain it. Under the FCC’s “local number portability” (LNP) rules, you are legally able to keep your number when you move or change phone companies.

Can I store more than one number with NumberBarn?

You can port and/or purchase as many phone numbers as you want and manage them all within a single NumberBarn account.

What if I decide to cancel?

If you no longer wish to use NumberBarn, you can cancel at any time.

What is "park" my number and why would I do it?

Parking your number means storing it with an active service so you can maintain ownership of the number. You can activate it when you need it and not have to give out a new phone number.

How does call forwarding work?

We forward all incoming calls to your NumberBarn number to the active phone number you enter in your control panel.

What numbers can be ported in?

We can port most wireless, landline and toll free phone numbers in the United States and Canada.

What are the extra fees and taxes?

All plans are subject to the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee imposed by the FCC, the Federal Cost Recovery Charge, which covers the cost associated with federal and state regulatory compliance, and any applicable state taxes.

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