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Save money and store your landline or cell numbers while away, with number parking. Or, stay accessible to your friends and family anytime, from anywhere with call forwarding!

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With Number Parking  you can:

Store your home or mobile number while away, cancelling your existing service.

Play an outgoing voice greeting to incoming callers, even while your number is parked.

Send and receive texts, even from most landline numbers.

With Call Forwarding  you can:

Send calls from your home number to other phone numbers, including cell numbers.

Use included voicemail, call logs, call blocking and more.

Send and receive texts, even from most landline numbers.

How Snowbirds and Winter Visitors Save on Phone Costs

Send and receive text messages

Number Parking

Save money on your phone bills while you head south for the winter. Park your landline or cell number (includes Canadian numbers) with NumberBarn and store it for later for just $2 a month, cancel anytime.

Send and receive text messages

Call Forwarding

Transfer (we call it “porting”) your landline or cell number to NumberBarn and forward your calls to your local number while you enjoy that RV life, sunshine, rest and relaxation. Plans start at just $6 a month!

Send and receive text messages

Local Numbers

Purchase a local number for the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.I. and port it to most carriers. Or, forward it to another number and stay accessible with included calling, text, voicemail and more. Phone numbers start at just $5!

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Discover How One Snowbird Saves Hundreds of Dollars a Year with NumberBarn

No Contract, Budget-Friendly Options for Canadian and U.S. Snowbirds!

Local, toll-free and vanity numbers

Get a local number for those snowbirding hotspots like Florida, Arizona and Texas. Or spread your wings and get a number for almost any area code across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.I. For some extra fun, search for a custom number like (386) SNO-BIRD or (513) GRA-NDPA with the area code of your choice! Port it to another carrier, or use NumberBarn’s calling, text and voicemail via our mobile app or your desktop.

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Call forwarding

Getting ready to traverse those warmer climates? Call forwarding gives you the flexibility you need to still receive calls from home while you’re away for the winter season. Port your number to NumberBarn and forward your calls to any other U.S. or Canadian number (international forwarding also available.) Calling, voicemail, text, call blocking and more included with your account. Plans start at just $6 a month!

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Save your landline or favorite number

Transfer (also called “port”) your landline or cell to NumberBarn. Then Park it with NumberBarn while away, cancel anytime. Use your own outgoing voice message to let your callers know your number is still active while you’re away. Call logs let you know who has called you. Send and receive texts from your parked number! Parking costs just $2 a month so you can save money for that amusement park, snorkel trip or outdoor adventure!

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Simple phone number management

Easily manage your phone numbers and account with our simple interface from our mobile app on your cell phone, or within your browser directly on your desktop. Stay accessible from anywhere and never miss a friend or loved one with easy voice and text features available to you from your cell or computer.

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What Snowbirds and Customers Say About NumberBarn

As a Canadian Snowbird, organizing phone service while in the US is a complete nightmare with Canadian cellular suppliers (as well as expensive). NumberBarn provided a great alternative to have all our Canadian calls to our Canadian cell numbers forwarded directly to our Tello (US provider.) Upon returning to Canada, we simply ported our Canadian numbers back to a Canadian cell service provider. Highly recommend to all Canadian snowbirds.

Jim, Canadian Snowbird

We were moving to Europe but needed to keep a Canadian number so we can get SMS codes for accounts that only allow Canadian numbers. Although the process was unnecessarily convoluted with our cell provider, Jessamyn at Number Barn was empathetic, patient and persistent with the porting attempts. I’m so much happier to give them my number than our prior provider!

Julianna, Happy Customer

We have homes in two locations, Ohio & Florida. Landline in each location too; yes, we continue to like a landline but we use cell phones for texting and travel. AT&T or cable companies had no plans to place our phone number on “park” when not at either location. This is okay if we were there to use the phone but a waste for 5-6 months per year in each location. NumberBarn solved our problem .we are now only paying for the phone we are using wherever we are!

Dick, U.S. Snowbird

As always, Numberbarn is doing a great job. For quite a number of years I have been parking my telephone number over the summer when I go overseas and I couldn’t be happier with the service. Last time I had initially requested some help with regard to my account, but then I was able to take care of the problem myself. After notifying Numberbarn that the problem was resolved, Justin followed up with a very nice personalized note which I greatly appreciated!

Christina, Happy Customer

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