Customer Profile: Meet Grace in Growlers

Grace in Growlers

Craft beer tasting room | with a purpose.
Kailua, HI
IG: @graceingrowlers

NumberBarn spoke with Tim, owner of Grace in Growlers in Kailua, HI, about his business and how service from NumberBarn fits in to their plan.

What is your business?

Grace in Growlers is a tasting room, focusing on locally made; craft beer, kombucha, and cold brew coffee.   Self pour, pay by the ounce technology gives you the freedom to pour as much or as little as you like in each glass.

All proceeds of Grace in Growlers are rolled back into the community. We are joining the love of craft beer with purposeful and intentional community / personal involvement.  Two passions joining forces to change the world. We partner with our friends and patrons to impact lives.

How do you use NumberBarn with your business?

We use a local 808 number to forward to our cell phones rather than paying for pricey landline service.

What was the reason that you chose NumberBarn?

The simplicity of one price and ease of forwarding the local number to any cell phone at any time is perfect for our needs.

Are there any other benefits you’ve seen as a result of using NumberBarn?

We love that we know our business line is calling to our cell phone and we can answer and provide service no matter where we are.  A typical landline would not allow this.

Would you recommend NumberBarn to others?

Yes, very happy with the ease of setup and customer service.  The email notifications are convenient as well….allowing us to add numerous email accounts ensures everyone is notified a customer is contacting us.  We love the pig! 🙂


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